Clicking on List words in text ... will display the words in any selected text file which are not present in the current list or have not already been considered for inclusion in it. These appear in a window to the right of the editor. With the left mouse button depressed, you can drag and drop words from this window into the list displayed, as new main entries or related items. With the  left mouse button:clicking on 'Words >' reverses the order of the items listed, and clicking on 'Freq. ' causes the columns to swap positions. Clicking on the column headers using the right mouse button switches the listing between alphabetical and frequency order. 

If List words in text is used more than once, words disregarded as already having been considered for inclusion may be viewed and edited by clicking on the button marked Stoplist. On closing the stoplist window, or finishing work for the time being on a particular search list, you will be prompted to save the current stoplist for later recall.