Multidimensional scaling

At File name : enter the name of a matrix file , as generated by HAMLET , or click on the Files menu and select Open file, or use the appropriate speed button, to search for it. From the Files menu, it is also possible to Reopen directly files used recently.

This window offers the choice between non-metric and metric scaling. When a valid file name is entered, the main vocabulary items available are displayed for the method selected.

It is possible to repeat scaling for different combinations of items included in the original word list used by HAMLET to generate the matrix. The resulting three-dimensional configuration will automatically be displayed in graphic form: the first two reference axes appear as a horizontal plane on which labelled points are projected corresponding to words in the text file originally subject to analysis. The configuration can be rotated and zoomed for closer inspection, printed or saved for inclusion in other documents. It is also possible to examine or edit the file containing the configuration data on which the display is based.